Carpet Cleaning

servicesRegular vacuuming of your carpets prolongs the life of the carpets and it is recommended professional carpet cleaning a minimum of every nine months.

Approximately 79% of dry soiling can be removed with regular vacuuming, should you have the misfortune of a spillage the longer you wait to remove spills and spots the harder they are to remove, in fact the longer you wait the more likely it may cause permanent damage. Any concerns regarding stains or spillages will be discussed at booking.

By using the hot water extraction method gives deep down cleaning for your carpet, however certain fibre types require a different cleaning process. Please ask for details.


Suites & Upholstery

IMG_7512By using incorrect cleaning solutions available on the market can do more harm to your sofa and upholstery. Using a scrubbing motion will weaken the fabric and cause any spillages to worsen. By using the hot water extraction method this enables me to remove most deep soiling safely and effectively, dependant on material type and age of soiling and if any prior cleaning has been carried out.





Letting Agents

exterior luxury estate home duskWith an ever changing housing market, the lettings and rental sector is currently increasing in order to keep your property looking great for the next tenant or pre-tenancy having your carpets cleaned will help the overall appearance of the property. Carpet cleaning is a cost effective way to show prospective tenants the standards the letting agent sets.